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Players host Holiday giving initiative

 Bears players Jordan Howard and Kyle Fuller, along with other members of the Bears staff, held the annual Bears Care holiday giving initiative at Leo High School in Chicago.

Bears running back Jordan Howard and cornerback Kyle Fuller will join Bears staff, members of the District 6 Chicago Police Department and Leo High School volunteers for the annual Bears Care holiday giving initiative Tuesday night at Leo High School.

This is the second straight year that the event is being held at the school. Approximately 50 families from the Auburn Gresham neighborhood will receive holiday gifts and join in a community dinner. The families were selected by the school principals from Barton Elementary School, Joplin Elementary School, Oglesby Elementary School, St. Ethelreda School and Westcott Elementary School.

Bears Care will also provide grants to the Chicago Police Foundation, TARGET Area Development Corporation and Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation. Bears Care also supported Leo High School in 2017 with a grant to the Big Shoulders Fund.

The Bears have a longstanding tradition of supporting numerous charities and assisting those in need. Bears Care, which was incorporated in 2005, is committed to improving the quality of life for people in the Chicagoland community, especially disadvantaged children and their families, through targeted programs supporting education, youth athletics and medical research and health awareness programs focusing on breast and ovarian cancer. Since that time, Bears Care has issued grants totaling over $16.6 million to over 100 qualifying agencies.

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