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A Powerful Peace March #IAmForPeace

I Am For Peace (2014) - Trailer from Perspectives Charter Schools on Vimeo.

Dear Perspectives family,
Last Friday morning our students at Perspectives led their 4th Annual Peace March with over 2,400 participants. Our students, staff, parents, friends, community leaders, corporate partners and a number of other schools joined us to unify for a more peaceful summer.  
The bright sun, the positive energy, the hope in the air - reminded all of us of how urgent and necessary our peace work is to our students and to our city. Our students walked proud, and adults were in awe of the experience. During the Peace Round Table, former Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, Congressman Danny Davis, and Pastor Michael Pfleger –  just to name a few, spoke with conviction about how Perspectives’ 26 principles of A Disciplined Life could truly help transform our city. 
At Perspectives, we stand beside our students, follow their lead and model the kind of education our country that is relevant, rigorous and applied. Our Chicago youth cannot separate their journey to and through college from the injustice of violence they experience daily. Let us not be desensitized to this injustice. Our kids deserve a safe summer filled with joy. When we know that there have been more than 250 homicides in our communities thus far this year, we must unite more strategically than ever to understand the role each of us play in being a part of the solution to violence in Chicago.. 
Perspectives is the public school that makes peace a priority. 

At Perspectives we: 

  • teach & strive to live our 26 principles of A Disciplined Life® 
  • we spend 180 minutes a week of class time studying our 26 principles
  • host summer Peace & Leadership Camps 
  • hold an annual student led Perspectives Peace Summit 
  • host our own radio show on WVON – Peace Hour: through A Disciplined Life
  • create Perspective Peace Institute: as a model on the South Side of Chicago 

Please see our 2017 Peace March coverage from NBC and CBS

Let’s continue to stand firm together – to restore peace in our communities for our Chicago kids today and into the future.

Diana Shulla-Cose
Founder & President
Perspectives Charter Schools

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