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Neighborhood Business Development Resources Available to 17th Ward

On February 17, Alderman David Moore of the 17th Ward coordinated a “17th Ward Business Owners meeting” for any existing business owners in the ward.  Alderman Moore wanted to make sure that information on current programs, funding tools and tax preparation information was shared with constituents from his business community.  Representatives from the following entities were present to share information about resources including:
  • City of Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection
  • Sterling Tax Preparation
  • Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation
The session, facilitated by John Roberson the Chief of Staff to Alderman David Moore, included a lively discussion about SBIFs as well as IRS rules and regulations for small businesses filing taxes.
 For more information on your Auburn Gresham, city of Chicago, Neighborhood Busienss Development Center, contact Norma Sanders, at 7901 S. Racine, or call 773.483.3696 for a consultation.

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