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Celebrate Black History Month, with the Voice of the Community | #GoVote, It Matters!

If you didn’t know, February is Black History Month, in which Americans celebrate the achievements of black people, as well the overall contributions of black Americans to our country.

As part of the community "Your Voice Matters" community campaign, the www.auburngreshamportal celebrates Black History Month in February and every month, by highlighting notable works, services and stories of the people in our Auburn Gresham and surrounding neighborhoods. 

By posting your story on the community portal, you help us meet a key goal, which is to ensure that the voice of each community Business, Public and Private Institution and our Residents, Task Forces and Block Clubs are being  and recognized. We help you others understand why our voice matters!

Auburn Gresham celebrates Black History Month by lifting up all people in the commuity. Exercise you right to a high quality of life. You've Earned the right, now go #Vote. It matters for our community.

Happy Black History Month today and throughout 2019!


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