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Treasurer Summers Kicks Off "77 Proud" with Resource Fair and Panel Discussion

January 25, 2016


Kathryn Hickey


Treasurer Summers Kicks Off "77 Proud" with Resource Fair and Panel Discussion
Inaugural Event is Part of City Treasurer Kurt Summers' Initiative to Empower Chicagoans Through Financial Education
CHICAGO -- On Friday, Chicago City Treasurer Kurt Summers hosted the first "77 Proud" Financial Education Resource Fair, along with a panel discussion, to commence the initiative sponsored by City Treasurer Kurt Summers. The fair was dedicated to helping empower Chicagoans and promote economic opportunity across Chicago's 77 neighborhoods and communities, starting with the Central Chicago Region.
"77 Proud represents the best of Our Chicago coming together to help financially empower residents," said Chicago City Treasurer Kurt Summers. "By meeting people where they live and work, out in the community, we are working to provide tools and resources to help transform their lives and their neighborhoods." 
To view photos from the event, click here.
At the fair, attendees had the opportunity to meet with organizations that can provide one-on-one assistance and other resources on topics such as student loans and financial aid, renting or buying a home, and filing taxes. Some of the participating organizations included the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, AGORA Community Services, Urban Partnership Bank and the Economic Awareness Council.
The discussion began with City Treasurer Kurt Summers providing an overview of the Treasurer's Office and the office's goals for empowering residents across Chicago with financial education tools and resources. The panel featured financial literacy advocates who discussed their ideas on how financial education can transform Chicago's communities and what financial education means to them.
From January to March, resource fairs will take place across Chicago to raise awareness of financial education and the resources available. This fair is the first in the "77 Proud" initiative. To learn more, and see the calendar of upcoming events, visit


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